Rescheduled to 2023! New Date will be announced in the next weeks.

Martin Eilers

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Given the pandemic situation and our uncertainty about the current delta wave and a potential subsequent omicron wave, we see no path forward how we can organize a friendly and science-oriented encounter that is not dominated by protective measures against Covid.

At the very heart of the AEK meeting series is the personal exchange of speakers and established scientists with young researchers at the PhD and postdoctoral level. This makes it impossible for us to shift the meeting to a virtual or hybrid format.

Therefore, all organizers have decided to postpone the meeting one more time - to the spring of 2023. I am sure you will understand this decision and hope very much that you stay with us. We will post here any news about the time and venue in 2023 the moment we have them.

With kind regards

Martin Eilers (on behalf of all organizers)